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A Day Without Water

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Welcome to A Day Without Water. We’re a group of water enthusiasts who understand how important it is to maintain and respect our water infrastructure. On these pages we’ll have useful information on our water infrastructure.

Many people do not realise the important role water infrastructure plays in our everyday lives. From washing ourselves and drinking water to the food we eat, a reliable water source is extremely important to our lives. This wouldn’t be possible without the countless hours spent studying our natural resources, building and maintaining our infrastructure.

Before anything can be built, there must be studies on the hydrology of the landscape and geological studies of everything that lies beneath the surface. The way surface water interacts with groundwater is incredibly tight knit and one cannot be studied without studying the other.

We also need to know the climate of the area because rainfall, wind and evaporation play a huge role in understanding our water resources. This requires meteorological data and climate modelling for future forecasts.

We then need to understand how the biosphere interacts with this because the transpiration of plants plays an important role in the dispersion of water. Plants are the sustenance of animals, so everything in the biosphere plays a role. Only after understanding these natural facts can we investigate setting up artificial infrastructure to utilise the water resources.

Irrigation is the largest user of water and we need to manage our irrigation water effectively. One way is through subsidies and education programs to farmers. These are only effective to the point of using the water on the property effectively. What we also need is a way to make water effectively transferred to different uses. The way to do this is through a water exchange, like the one run by Water Broking World. Water markets effectively allocate water to different properties growing different crops. This is done by making a price for water and the buyers who can make the most money for each litre will get the water.

Governments also play a huge role in the water industry by creating regulations and making sure everything runs smoothly. Australia has been at the forefront with irrigation efficiency and water markets.

The government also has great resources online. Please see here and also the Bureau of Meteorology website has great resources.